August, 2014


BMW Rear View Camera – why has this option become one of the most regularly advised by owners of BMW vehicles?

samochód marki BMW
A lot of people currently tend to invest improving amount of money in different solutions such as for example BMW Rear View Camera retrofit, which implies that there is a developing demand for miscellaneous innovations, which aim is to make the life of each driver considerably simpler.

The most innovative improvements, used by the BMW team

samochód marki BMW
For some individuals automobile is much more than a auto. Several people treat automobile as a pal because they spend inside more moment in time than with family members. It is worried phenomena, but twenty-first century brings lots strange circumstances.

Combox BMW – a solution that is likely to awake the interest of people keen on tuning and improving their vehicles

samochód marki BMW
Improving percentage of people currently are keen on automotive industry. The whole topic is with no doubt really interesting, as cars have improved life of various people significantly. It is proved by the fact that at present many people travel to job or to other miscellaneous places with their use.

BMW Rear View Camera Retrofit – a recipe for proper vehicle parking

Parking a vehicle for plenty drivers, above all those inexperienced, who have just acquired their driving license, appears to be a quite demanding task. Furthermore, if we have a bigger car, we may also find it in some cases far more hard to park it correctly especially in car parks and for instance if we would like to do it backwards.