August, 2015


What has made the sphere of trade develop such rapidly currently?

The pace we at present live in is believed to be quite quick. It is connected with the fact that, first of all, the technology has improved to such extent that it allows us to communicate as well as share miscellaneous material commodities with different people all over the world significantly quicker. Hence, we ought to also remember that inter alia in the area of trade we may find out the growingly visible tendency in terms of its popularity.

Challenges in front of Cracow bus communication. Brand-new solution for common issues.

Summertime holiday – students school brake time. After time full of solid work teenagers coming back to their home towns, traveling to interesting countries or leaving Cracow and begin work in seasonal jobs in Poland or outside the borders. There is also a time, when MPK Kraków can check new communication solution for further school year.

AWS implementation as a recipe for developing the satisfaction of the employees as well as making their job be done faster and in a more attractive way

Having an enterprise is surely one of those tasks that are thought to be the most challenging. It is indicated by the fact that, first and foremost, in order to become relatively successful, we have to systematically develop it by implementing modern technologies, hiring more professional employees, extending their qualifications etc. It is indicated by the fact that the progress in the area of technology also has its price, which is related to the fact that many people on Earth might benefit from it and the access to the information is in fact unlimited and available for free.

Coal mines – one thing more than dirt

Coal mines are commonly connected with dirt, noise, and dirty air. However, they are the drawbacks of coal output. The reality is, that lacking coal output living conditions of millions men and females who live in given area would be much worse. Each coal mine is a breadwinner of plenty of individuals.