August, 2016


Planning to enter new markets? You should have required certificates!

gost Russia
Markets of our eastern neighbours start to be more and more attractive. Especially temtping is Russian market. What is the reason? Its citizens are getting richer.

You own a beauty salon? You should consider any IT methods

Since dozen years, plenty of things had changed in Poland, mostly in IT field. Now, almost each of us own a smart phone, which is truly a small laptop, with all those relevant functions.

Have you got plan to redecorate a room?

forest wallpaper
During the summer, many men and ladies decide to change the look of an apartment. Oftenly, they make a decision to redecorate a room.

Method to pay less for electricity bills

Presently, cost of energy becomes higher and higher. It costs a lot. Consequently, many guys look for various methods to save as much electricity as possible.