Are you an owner of any aged goods? It might need your help even urgently!

Time, people and meteorological conditions can be brutal to old constructions and / or antiques. At times they may need our assistance to start approximating their best times once more.

There are various specialists out there who can help you out supposing that you want to change condition and / or performance of an item, or even entire palace!
Autor: Geoff Peters
Autor: John Menard
Renovation is the name commonly used to describe an operation of transformation of appearance, purpose of a construction (presumed in a wide sense), what is, a modification in the shape and / or size of the structure, and / or an extension, for the reason of reshaping and – pełna analiza – / or adaptation to other uses, along with practically always preservation and maintenance (treatments against the meteorogical factors, painting, waterproofing). The word ‘renovation’ sometimes introduces also the restoration of cultural goods, which is a professional activity dedicated to encouraging the permanence of those enlightening and artistic evidences, by safeguarding them and saving them responsibly in order that they can be transmitted to next generations by ensuring their current use and recognizing its historical, aesthetic and social meaning. Decision-making in both cases is supported by a comprehensive multidisciplinary inquiry and dialogue process.

The renovation relates to all those actions, which intend to simplify their appreciation, perception and use. In many cases, these actions change the aspect of the good, try giving back the object its meaning, and preserve it for our descendants.

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