Challenges in front of Cracow bus communication. Brand-new solution for common issues.

Summer vacation – pupils school brake time. After year full of solid work young people returning to their home towns, traveling around the Europe or leaving city and begin work in seasonal jobs at home or abroad. There is also a time, when Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne Kraków can verify modern communication solution for next school time.

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This year first newness are totally new buses from Chinese producer – Build Your Dreams.Buses are characterized by several things. They are low floor and supplied electrically. After one powering they can ride 250 kilometers with an air-conditioned in rush hours. If it does work, then Cracow automotive & transport services enriches themselves in 100 new buses. It can lead for decreasing level of air pollution because that buses do not produce exhaust gas.

It could be the first step into new and improved status of life for city residents. Buses can transport seventy people in one moment what is regular quantity for Cracow city communication. Other advantage is refueling. It is literally simple and employees could do that in two ways. First in related to usual gas refueling – in proper places with batteries. Second is using moveable pantograph. It is something brand-new not only for bus communication, but for whole automotive & transport market. Like each year summer there is the time to trying new schedule.

Initiating brand-new line – 427 – should permit inhibitants get to one of the most favored locations in Cracow for summer. Lake Bagry is a location where you can rest, windsurfing, sailing and fishing. But there is also the other side of the coin. MPK Kraków is looking for savings. In the holiday they suspended a part of lines to see, which are not necessary. Like every year after summer some of them will never return or they will be replaced by the others.

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For students it is minimal issue but for inhabitants it colossal disturbance. Changes in schedule are often without notification on bus stops, so they are confused because they are not sure that their bus will come or no. Will this work? We will see with the oncoming of fall, when all pupils will come back to Cracow. They will verify all brand-new ideas on Facebook and in local newspapers.

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