Automotive & transport is certainly an area that is improving relatively quickly, which we might often observe at present as inter alia more and more people have their own cars. Thus, almost every bigger city on the Earth has to cope with miscellaneous problems like inter alia those referred to traffic jams.

traffic jam

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This means that this trend has its benefits, as having car provides us almost uncountable number of possibilities, as well as drawbacks as the more cars are there on the roads, the more the air is polluted. Thus, substantial number of people, who function in the bigger cities suffer from the poor air quality and have difficulties connected with insufficient functioning inter alia of their lungs. Therefore, there is an improvingly visible pressure towards making the vehicles function on alternative sources of energy.

One of the most popular exemplification is referred to vehicles that contain their own batteries that can be refilled after for example passing more than 100 kilometers. Thus, we ought to also not forget that in the area of automotive & transport we are possible to expect in the future that similar vehicles would be more popular as well as less complicated and cheaper accessible. Who knows, maybe in about five decades from now more than half of automobile owners would no longer demand to use fuel and, therefore, stop polluting the planet. Despite the fact that this trend is with no doubt positive, we ought to also keep in mind that there is also a strong lobby that contain in significant percentage of cases petrol companies, which want this kind innovations to develop as slow as possible.

traffic jam on the highway

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It is implied by the fact that the more people would have electrical cars, the lower would be the sales records regards sales of fuel. This means that in the field of automotive & transport in the nearest future there is no possibility that this kind cars would become something standard. However, in the longer future, such as for example 50 years we might be certain that driving a car through the streets of any bigger city we would be far more likely to see more ecological vehicle than these days.