When Poland join the members of EU plenty of things had change in here, mostly in financial ways. We are a lot more rich than 2 decades earlier, families may afford to visit some nice location without wasting a fortune on it.

Nowadays, we may try an offers from little airline companies, which may be very affordable, if only you know how to book it properly.
Choose the best date

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This is the most relevant issue about your future vacations, cause totally different prize you will pay for the same flights, if you only book it fast enough. Also, don’t forget, that hot season is much more famous among most of the travelers, so airline carriers are not providing lowest price. That is why, at start you should think of a therm of your holidays, perhaps you should choose September instead of July? Temperature in most of situations should be the same, but cost of airline tickets and accommodation may be a lot less costly. Also, during low season you will enjoy nicer time, without huge crowd of travelers on the beach and near the area of popular attractions.
Next way to spare much when you are reserving your flights is to choose a proper baggage. Most of smaller companies are offering one item of medium size bag in cost of a ticket, it would be enough for whole holidays. However, remember about regulations, because carry on valise is travelling on board with you, therefore no dangerous items are allowed there.

If you want to take some cosmetics with you, each fluid should be placed inside of small bottles then gather in a plastic bag. Also, do not take items with sharp edges on board, cause security may throw it away. When you like to take a registered valise anyway, you should consider to share that with your friend?