How to wear your sneakers if you are guy

Lately, sneakers were worn solely for the gym or during other sport activities. Guys, who were wearing sneakers on the daily basis, for example, when heading to the city, were often perceived as frowsly and non-stylish. Presently, it is quite different. Wearing sneakers shoes became so popular, that every man should have such pair in the wardrobe. Nevertheless, if you wanna to look great in sneakers shoes and be seen as a trendy man, and not like a person with no taste, you should know about some things first.

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Tons ofguys make 1 very serious mistake when it comes to wearing sneakers – they use the same pair of sneakers during the workout in the gym, and later on – wear them on the street. You can’t do that! You have to have 1 pair of sneakers for the workout, and never take into consideration them to be a shoes to be worn anywhere else. If you want to look stylish while wearing men’s sneakers, you need to keep them clean as well as not sweaty! It might sound like too obvious advice, but you wouldn’t believe how many men make their sport shoes do so-called “double duty”. Never be 1 of these guys! You need to have a clear distinction for workout shoes, as well as street wear ladies sneakers.

What’s more, pick up a classic shoes. If you a model that has “safe” colours, you would be able to wear it practically with everything. When buying sneakers shoes it is worth to make sure it fits your clothes. You could like some particular pair of sneakers in the shop, but eventually it may not go well with your other clothes and style. Thus, it is worth to keep that in mind when choosing men’s sneakers. It would be probably also safer to choose low tops as your first sport shoes. They are appropriate in many more occasion as they look usually a little more elegant than high tops. Leave the high tops for the day when you will be already confident in mixing casual and elegant outfit together with sneakers shoes (

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And finally – even though sneakers are very fashionable, be sure that you wear them just when the situation allows. Do not even think about wearing them during such official ebents like weddings and funerals. Sneakers are simply not meant for every occasion. This is worth to keep this in mind.

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