Modern devices in nowadays vehicles – electronic equipment and ordinary paper maps

Now technology takes all. Modern houses, intelligent mobile phones and cars full of electronic devices – these are the objects which are the most popular in the past year. Technology bring users lots of possibilities, specially in modern cars.

Many cars have got very handy technologies which assist us for example in finding parking space or in right driving. One of them is front pdc for BMW and other branches, it is comfortable and safe, especially when we want to park in narrow areas. Now around giant shopping area objects we have got huge parking spaces, but not all of them are created to be handy, specially for massive cars (front pdc for BMW solves this problem) (read something more ). This equipment helps not only experienced, however as well disabled people and makes their existence easier. GPS-navigation, possibility to receiving telephones and e-mails, phone apps, sound amplifier for BMW, Fiat, Nissan and others, all of these programs and devices change our way of riding.

Autor: Jorge de la Llama

On the other hand we starting to be not prepared to use oridinary maps or park in the narrow spaces. It is a great idea to turn off for a while our electronic equipment all of these sound amplifier for BMW and parking control equipment and try to just ride alone, without supporting. Naturally not in company cars, when we have to be on specific hour, but in our own cars. We can as well rent an old car (without electrical power steering) and attempt to take a trip to the nearest town or visit a little village. This short trip perfectly check our driving experience and give as a clue what we need to know. It is very important to know this.

Brand new technologies in our cars are fantastic solutions for today’s society, however we need to remember that not always we will have an opportunity to have got constant Internet connection or a possibility to call for roadside assistance . We have to have got some basic knowledge about how the devices work and geography and know in which way use it in emergency situations.

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