Polish mining gear producers and their challenges in confronting their international opponents

Wherever coal, bronze or copper is generated, we can notice machinery with the words “Made in Poland”. Polish mining gear manufacturers have a position all over the globe, but that does not necessarily mean that the world is accessible for them.

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Rivalry in this field is large, and competitors often exceed Polish enterprises by extent, financial assets and scientific circumstances.
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Over 100 years of know-how and leading engineering know-how permitted Polish mining equipment manufacturers to improve high-performance and reliable machinery, permitting to conclude the most complicated mining and energy tasks. In Poland are manufactured longwall, subterranean and surface transportation solutions, open-pit mining (więcej szczegółów) supplies as well as equipment for mass transportation and bulk material managing. Presently, over 200 suppliers of machines, gear and services cooperate with the Polish excavating industry, of which more or less 40 are manufacturers of specific equipment. The problem on the Polish excavating machinery market is not the absence of requests, but strong rivalry. Finally, there is an absence of government help for contribution in the mining industry and abandoning them in acquiring foreign arrangements. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the countries with the highest mining capacity are Russia, China and Ukraine. It is in these countries that the major increase in financing is to be expected in terms of elevated output and productivity.

In accordance with experts at the IEA, at least till 2030, coal will be the principal raw material for electricity production. So, it is certainly worth fighting for.

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