Services – the impact of revolution that has started about 50 years ago on the situation in global economy

Increasing number of people contemporarily tend to be interested in the fact that the structure of almost every economy these days has evolved substantially during recent decades. The most popular trend observed among different enterprises is referred to increasing role of services in generating the growth of GDP. The reason why it has got more and more influential in these terms is that a revolution has arisen about 50 years ago.

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Thanks to its fast spreading and improvement as well, the role of introduction of new technologies has grown substantially and, therefore, in almost every company we might observe that there is a wide range of innovations such as PCs or various software depending on what sort of commodities does a company provide. As a result, we might observe that in more and more countries there are miscellaneous branches opened by the most popular companies in the world. This only proves that the role of the previously mentioned area is increasing.

Besides, we ought to also not forget in terms of services that this area is still likely to continue its quick growth, as there is an increasing demand for people that have proper qualifications in this area. Consequently, we may rapidly find out that there is a considerably increasing probability that obtaining a degree in the area connected with economics is likely to
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offer ourselves high rate of satisfaction in the long term. It is implied by the fact that owing to the influence of globalization opening new branches in other countries have got significantly less complicated.

To sum up, we ought to also keep in mind that services are the field of economy that is still most likely to develop the quickest compared with industry and agriculture. This is a worth mentioning hint for people, who would like to have no complications with finding a job. Therefore, we ought to concentrate on economic universities and apply there for studies so that we would increase our chances on the labor market in the future.

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