Splendid destinations for a romantic journey

If you look for an idea, where to take your loved one, this text is for you. In ereally city in the world you could find some romantic Spots. Nevertheless, some of them are literally full of them!

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One of such spots is Madrid. There are many cheap flights Madrid available. In consequence, you will not have a problem to select the most suitable date and time. And it is absolutely worth to go there, as it is one of the most romantic places in the world! Madrid has tons of romantic parks, in which you and your second half can spend unforgettable moments. It might be enough to mention for example Retiro Park, which has 1 of the oldest trees in Madrid, or El Capricho Park, which combine Italian and French influences. You should also surely visit the outstanding Debod Temple, which was a gift from Egypt to Spain. When you are there, you can admire Egyptian archaeological remains (click here). All of them are surrounded with beautiful gardens. Furthermore, Madrid is famous for its wonderful food and great restaurants. Thus, , you would unquestionably find manygreat places for romantic evenings!

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Another option is to book cheap flights Athens. This city has many romantic places, that would be just superb for eextremely couple! When you are there, you should unquestionably visit the Lycabettus or Lykavittos hill, as the view from these hills is simply spectacular! There is also a tiny church of Saint George that was built in the ninetheen century (check complete proposal at). Thanks to its romantic look, this is a favourite church for romantic weddings.

You could also take a long stroll in the National Garden of Athens. You would have a chance to walk around beautiful plants and variety of trees, as well as admire some ancient remains. But those are only examples. Athens has so a lot more to offer to every couple!

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